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Snacktime: In A Pickle07:56

Pickle (Courtesy /u/TatumJS)
Pickle (Courtesy /u/TatumJS)

Snacktime is back! You know, the thing where we eat snacks while telling each other "snack-size" stories from Reddit, as opposed to our usual "meal-size" episodes.

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This installment features a guy from Perth, Australia named James, AKA /u/Agent641. James was building a counter-top one day — you know, like you do — when he found himself in a bit of a... sticky situation.

Thanks to redditor /u/TatumJS for lending their pickle art to this episode. Find more of their work on Instagram: @tspearsart.

Amory Sivertson Twitter Co-Host and Producer for New Programming
Amory Sivertson is the co-host and producer of Endless Thread.


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