POSTPONED: Endless Thread Happy Hour, A Zoom Discussion Of "Madness" With The Team

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"MADNESS," a new series from Endless Thread (featured art by Mary Banas)
"MADNESS," a new series from Endless Thread (featured art by Mary Banas)

UPDATE: The Endless Thread team has decided to postpone the Zoom discussion of "Madness." As eager as we are to hear from our listeners about the series and to answer their questions, we're also processing the protests and police brutality happening across the United States and the world right now.

We are working on covering these events on our show, thoughtfully and carefully, and we want to hear from YOU. What are you feeling, seeing, and experiencing right now? If you'd like to share a story or perspective, record a voice memo on your phone (hold your phone like you're talking on it — not like a microphone — for best audio quality), and email it to

We'll see if/when it makes sense to reschedule our "Madness" Zoom discussion, and we hope to hear from you in the meantime.

Register HERE to join the Endless Thread team for a happy-hour Zoom discussion of our 5-part, in-depth series "Madness: The Secret Mission for Mind Control and the People Who Paid the Price," taking place on Friday, June 5th, at 5pm ET.

We'll answer your questions about the making of the series, the story itself, and about what's coming up for Endless Thread.

If you're still catching up, you can find all 5 parts of the series HERE. Or better yet, SUBSCRIBE to Endless Thread wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Amory Sivertson Host and Senior Producer, Podcasts
Amory Sivertson is a senior producer for podcasts and the co-host of Endless Thread.



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