Introducing ICYMI: "How a Substack revived the dracula fandom"

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This episode is brought to you by Slate's ICYMI podcast.

Co-hosts Rachelle Hampton and Candice Lim talk to writer Cyrena Touros about Dracula Daily, a newsletter that emails bite-sized passages from Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel to more than 235,000 readers. As an epistolary novel, Dracula is broken into letters written between May and November.

Dracula Daily emails those letters to readers, who have now created a book club-like fandom rife with memes and sidebars about a guy stuck in a vampire’s castle.


Ben: Hey, Endless Thread homies.

It's Ben Brock Johnson. Hope you're doing well if you like us are in the midst of a serious Halloween hangover eating all the candies or in my case stealing candy from my Children. We've got a bit of a Halloween hangover, a bit of a Halloween hangover episode for you.

It comes from ICYMI, the Slate podcast, which is made by Rochelle Hampton and Candace Lim, a former Endless Thread intern who has gone on to do bigger and better things and is a co-host of this show. We're excited to introduce the show to you.

It is an episode today about the return of vampire fandom via internet communities. Also, a show that I love from Netflix "Transylvania" gets a shout out We think you'll like this show. We hope you'll listen and check it out.

See you next week.


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