CitySpace At The Lavine Broadcast Center has been named in honor of Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine. Their 5 million-dollar leadership gift through The Crimson Lion/Lavine Family Foundation was the cornerstone in making CitySpace a reality.

CitySpace’s mission to promote vigorous, intelligent and well-informed conversation about the most pressing issues facing our world, nation and community is central to the goal of addressing our most pressing social challenges. By supporting CitySpace, the Lavines are proud to take an active role in helping advance true dialogue – something that is urgently needed in the current polarized environment. The Lavines hope CitySpace will contribute to the City of Boston’s reputation as a center of academic excellence and civil discourse, and serve as an important gathering place for years to come.

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WBUR would like to acknowledge the following leadership donors for their generous support of CitySpace at the Lavine Broadcast Center and its related programming: Barr Foundation, Margot and Jonathan Davis and The Davis Family Charitable Foundation, Josh and Anita Bekenstein, Gannon Family Foundation, The Collatos Family Foundation, The O'Hanley Family, Elizabeth and Phill Gross, Perrin and Bruns Grayson, Cheryl Forté/Jack Forté Foundation, Fredericka and Howard H. Stevenson, Dinah Buechner-Vischer, Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund, Alicia L. Abad, Jennifer and Wilson Schünemann, John Burgess and Nancy Adams, Maryellen and Kevin H. Kelley, Rachel Jacoff, Cathy Elizabeth Minehan, Helen G. Hauben Foundation, Bonny E. Boatman and Bruce Zabinsky, Johanna Hansen Ross, Margaret Winslow, Nicola and Whitney Savignano, Richard and Marilyn Snyder, Robert and Judy Del Col, The Boston Foundation, Bruce and Lucia Field, Linda and John Freeman, Paul and Mimi La Camera, Anne T. Melvin and Daniel J. Sullivan, John and Maureen Hailer, Patricia A. D'Amore, PhD, Ruth Susan Westheimer, Molly and Elle Shannon, Barry Bluestone and Jan Shapiro and John Sherburne Reidy.

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