Stress, Stress, Stress And Your Waistline

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(Phil and Pam/Flickr)
(Phil and Pam/Flickr)

A new entry for the "life isn't fair" file: When you're stressed, you're likelier to choose foods rich in sugar and fat. And this is particularly true for women.

But help is on the way: In episode eight of "Food, We Need To Talk," Juna and Eddie take on stress and its physical effects, and how to combat them by, say, eating a raisin very slowly (this will make sense, I promise) or relaxing at every red light.

A particularly classic moment: Eddie recalls that reading research papers about food and stress prompted him to follow up some coconut chocolate ice cream with a Fudgsicle, "And I was pointing at the screen with the Fudgsicle stick saying, 'They're right! Actually stress changes the types of food that you crave!'"

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