Show rundown for 6/6/2003

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Medicare Drug Deal

A new Senate bipartisan plan offers new drug benefits to Americans older than 65.

Washington Opposes Compromise on Drug Patents

The Bush administration opposes an agreement to ease patent protections on medicines for poor countries. We talk to a critic and a representative of the pharmaceutical industry, which has lobbied heavily against such an agreement.

The Path

We walk and talk with science writer Chet Raymo about his new book, "The Path: A One Mile Walk Through the Universe."

NYT in Turmoil, Media Ownership Changes

This week's press panel discusses the turmoil at the New York Times and the FCC changes on media ownership.

CEO Prison Survival Guide

As more and more CEO's spend time in jail for bad business behavior, comic writer Andy Borowitz offers a prisoner's survival guide.

Sweet Sixteen

We review Ken Loach's new film, "Sweet Sixteen."

This program aired on June 6, 2003.


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