Show rundown for 11/3/2003

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Officials Probe Deadly Missile Attack

Investigators look into who was behind a missile attack on a U.S. Army helicopter in Iraq. Sixteen soldiers were killed and 20 injured.

Groups React to Gay Bishop Consecration

Conservative Anglicans around the world are reacting to the consecration of Bishop Gene Robinson.

Mutual Fund Wrongdoers

The founder of Strong Mutual Funds resigns his post as chair of the funds' board and the chief of Putnam Investments gets ready to step down.

Jobs Loss and Creation

Economist Andrew Sum of Northeastern University talks about job loss and job creation in the U.S.

Bank of America Merger

Steve Romaine, author of "Soldier of Fortune 500," talks about what happens to workers when their companies merge.

Poll Shows Iraq Support Slip

Two newspaper editors discuss the missile attack in Iraq and poll numbers indicating Americans' support for the war is slipping.

No One Dies Alone

A woman starts a program in Eugene, Oregon to make sure that no one who is in a hospital and is near death will die alone.

American Jewish Music

Ellen Pfeiffer talks about a an American Jewish music series.

This program aired on November 3, 2003.

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