Show rundown for 11/13/2003

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Bush Wants Bigger Role for Iraqis

President Bush said the United States wants the Iraqi people to take more responsibility for governing their country.

Discretionary Spending Up

Discretionary spending by the Bush administration has expanded at a faster rate than at any other time since the early 80s.

Making the Wall Work

A former Israeli peace negotiator talks about what kind of barrier will work for the people living on either side of it.

The Changing Posture of Iran

The government of Iran has made conciliatory gestures on nuclear inspections and even pledged money to help rebuild Iraq.

Scientists Point to Nicotine Benefits

Researchers say there are some health benefits to nicotine for people with brain disorders.

Eating Late

Researchers say that the belief that eating late makes you fat is wrong.

Letters 11/13/2003

Our listeners speak.

Kirov Ballet

We go backstage with one of Russia's premier ballet companies.

This program aired on November 13, 2003.


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