Show rundown for 12/17/2003

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Saddam Interrogations Provide Questionable Results

Interrogators say Saddam Hussein is reluctantly cooperative, but aren't sure they're getting any real information out of him yet.

Sharon Hints at Gaza Withdrawal

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has hinted that he may quit settlements in Gaza, but skeptics aren't so sure.

100 Years of Flight

On the 100th anniversary of the first flight by the Wright Brothers, we hear of their triumphs and trials.

Democrat Ad Attacks Dean

A scathing attack ad targets candidate Howard Dean. Its not Republicans behind the ad however, its Dean's fellow Democrats.

Loud Toys

A new study shows that 9 of 11 kid's toys tested were found to be louder than the average chain saw. We speak to Julee Sylvester, spokeswoman for the non-profit Sight and Hearing Association.

Holiday Shopping Online

'Tis the season to eat. We offer gourmet food that can be bought online.

Lord of the Rings Scholar

A J.R.R. Tolkien scholar weighs in on the author's legion of fans as they line up for the new Lord of the Rings release.

This program aired on December 17, 2003.


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