Show rundown for 2/2/2004

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Suicide Attacks Ravage Irbil

Suicide bombers struck the offices of two Kurdish parties in Irbil yesterday.

Bush to Approve Iraq Intelligence Inquiry

President Bush is expected to approve an inquiry into intelligence failures in Iraq.

Missouri Primary

Steve Murphy, former Gephardt campaign manager, talks about tomorrow's Missouri primary.

Kristof Series Looks at Cambodia's Prostitution

Columnist Nicholas Kristof talks about his series about buying the freedom of two Cambodian prostitutes.

DC Roundtable 02/02/04

The president's budget and tomorrow's caucuses and primaries are on the agenda.

Super Bowl Show Exposes Janet Jackson

CBS, the NFL, and MTV are offering their apologies over a Janet Jackson breast-baaring stunt during the halftime show.

Remember the Alamo

We talk to a filmmaker about his film, Remember the Alamo, and the Tejanos. The film will air tonight on The American Experience.

This program aired on February 2, 2004.


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