Show rundown for 3/8/2004

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Florida Faces Primary

Presidential hopeful Sen. John Kerry campaigns heavily in Florida as the Democratic primary for that state approaches.

Congress Considers Defense Budget

Congress is debating President Bush's defense budget. Lawmakers and some defense analysts are warning that spending cannot continue at the current rate.

Military Father Calls for Equipment Improvement

A man whose son was killed in Iraq while on patrol in a Humvee, calls on the Pentagon to outfit the vehicles with armor.

Iraq Council Signs Constitution

Members of Iraq's governing council formally signed that country's interim constitution this morning.

Sunni-Shiite Relations

Rev. Canon Andrew White of the Anglican Church works with Shiite and Sunnis in Iraq to prevent civil war from breaking out between the two groups.

Chinese Doctor Calls for Tiananmen Apology

A leading doctor in China urges the Communist Party to acknowledge wrongdoing in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Warren Buffet's Annual Letter

We look at what is in Warren Buffet's annual letter to his shareholders.

Logan Airport Sound Exhibit

We listen to an exhibit at Boston's Logan Airport which features a montage of religious sounds.

Jazz and Jazzy Film Scores

Jazz and jazzy film scores with our critic, James Isaacs.

This program aired on March 8, 2004.


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