Show rundown for 4/5/2004

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Fallujah Surrounded in U.S. Operation

U.S. and Iraqi troops sealed off the city of Fallujah at the start of a major operation against insurgents in the region. The attack follows the killings of four American security contractors last week.

Statue of Liberty Foundation Investigated

A federal investigation is underway to determine why the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation launched a $7 million fundraising campaign when it already had a $30 million endowment.

DA Argues to Keep Priest Porter Confined

James Porter has served 10 years and is due for release, but the Bristol County DA wants to keep the former priest civilly confined.

President Bush's Clean Air Policy

Journalist Bruce Barcott talks about his article on the president's clean air policies. Barcott wrote about it in yesterday's New York Times Magazine.

9/11 Investigation Check-In

Members of a DC roundtable talk about the latest in the 9/11 investigation.

IRS Asks for Money to Investigate Al Qaeda

The IRS wants more money for agents to track down terror cash.

Yeardley Smith's "More"

Yeardley Smith, the actress best known for her work as the voice of Lisa Simpson, is starring in her own one-woman show called "More."

This program aired on April 5, 2004.


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