Show rundown for 4/15/2004

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Iranian Diplomat Killed in Iraq

An Iranian diplomat has been assassinated in Iraq. Gunmen shot him in the head while he was in his car near the Iranian Embassy. Also Japan's foreign ministry confirms that three Japanese civilians taken hostage a week ago in Iraq have been freed.

European Nations Balk at Bin Laden Truce

Several European nations have quickly denied a truce offered on a purported Osama bin Laden tape.

Palestinian Authority Outraged at Bush-Sharon Meeting

A PLO advisor discusses Palestinian reaction to a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and President Bush, where Bush gave U.S. backing for the Israeli plan to withdraw from Gaza while holding onto parts of the West Bank.

Saudi Workforce Woes

Saudi citizens find themselves forced to look for work.

Report Says IRS Sluugish on Business Tax Law

We look at how the IRS treats businesses that are suspected of breaking tax laws.

Student Tax Advisors

A program at Colgate University brings low income tax filers together with students who help the tax payers fill out the forms correctly and qualify for tax credits.

Letters 4/15/2004

Listeners react to our coverage of the news.

"Othello" at 400

On the 400th anniversary of the first production of "Othello," we review some of the more legendary productions.

This program aired on April 15, 2004.


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