Show rundown for 4/21/2004

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Car Bombs Cause Carnage in Basra

Suicide attackers detonate car bombs in Basra killing more than 60 people in the bloodiest attack to hit the southern port city since the U.S. occupation.

Saudi Blasts at Security Stations

Two car bombs went off near the two Saudi security headquarters. Late last week, American officials warned of terrorist attacks in the kingdom.

Troop Numbers

The Pentagon draws up plans that could send fresh troops into Iraq.

We the Centrists

Author John Avlon talks about his new book, "Independent Nation."

Greenspan Testifies

Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan testifies before Congress today.

Congressional Continuity in a Crisis

What would happen if several lawmakers were killed in a terrorist attack? This issue is before Congress today.

Kerry's Military Record Examined

Kerry's campaign has begun posting records from his military service on the web. There are questions if Kerry deserved three Purple Hearts he received for his service in Vietnam.


We look at the music of the French duo, "Air."

This program aired on April 21, 2004.


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