Show rundown for 5/21/2004

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New Abu Ghraib Photos Released, Chalabi Raid Facts Surface

New Photos of the Abu Ghraib prison abuse have been relesed to the public, and more information on the raid on the home of Ahmed Chalabi surfaces.

Hong Kong Radio Hosts Anger Beijing

Some talk jocks in Hong Kong are upsetting Beijing. What are they saying that is so offensive to Communist Party ears?

Sending Money Home

We look at a study about Latin American immigrants in the U.S. who are sending money back home.

Driving Habits and Gas Prices

Are people changing their driving habits with the high prices at the pump?

Attorneys General Seek Gas Price Investigation

A group of democratic AGs ask the federal government to investigate gas prices.

Indiana Pacers' Rick Carlisle

We speak to coach Rick Carlisle who is leading the Indiana Pacers into the NBA conference finals this weekend. The Pacers are facing the Detroit Pistons, Carlisle's former team from which he was fired last year.

Singer Eszter Balint

She was a 15 year old actress back in the 80's when she had a role in "Stranger Than Paradise." Now she's a singer.

This program aired on May 21, 2004.


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