Show rundown for 7/12/2004

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Iraqi President Considers Insurgent Amnesty

Interim president Ghazi Al Yawer may soon offer an amnesty to Iraqis who fought against the U.S.-led coalition.

Karzai Warns about Private Militias

Afghanistan's president says its private militias — not the Taliban — that is the greatest threat to the country's safety.

Election Day Delay

Newsweek's Michael Isikoff reports American officials are considering a plan that would postpone presidential elections in the event of a major Al Qaeda attack this fall

Terrorist Suspect Held by Rebel Group

A man accused of kidnapping European tourists in Algeria last year is being held by a rebel group in Chad.

DC Roundtable

Fallout from the Senate report on Iraq intelligence, gay marriage, more.


Food critic Scott Haas learns about Sichuan cuisine.

Jazz Got the Funk

Jazz critic James Isaacs hears a lot of funk in jazz lately.

This program aired on July 12, 2004.


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