Show rundown for 7/19/2004

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Iraq's Allawi Faces Rumors of Brutality

Amid rumors of brutality, we ask, "Is Iyad Allawi, interim Prime Minister, Iraq's new strongman?"

Palestinian Power Vacuum

As Israel prepares to pullout of Gaza, we look at the power vacuum within Palestinian ranks.

Sharon Offers Sanctuary to French Jews

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon asks French Jews to consider escaping France's anti-Semitism and move to Israel.

Grammar and More

We speak with Barbara Wallraff, author of "Your Own Words and columnist in the Atlantic."

9/11 Commission Reports on Iran

We preview this week's report and the role of Iran.

Trade with Australia

We look at a trade deal being negotiated with Australia and what it might mean for Americans hoping to order cheaper prescription drugs from overseas.

Streetcars come back to New Orleans

New Orleans resurrects its street cars.

Gag Rule

The new book looks at dissent in America and civil liberties under the Patriot Act.

This program aired on July 19, 2004.


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