Show rundown for 8/19/2004

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Despite Truce Reports, Najaf Fighting Returns

Iraq's interim prime minister has issued what he says is the "final call'' to Shiite militants in Najaf to disarm and vacate the holy Imam Ali Shrine.

Blood Test in Treating Cancer

A new blood test can help doctors determine if a breast cancer treatment is working.

Once More, Massacre of Tutsis and Fear of Broader Violence

Almost 200 Tutsi refugees were massacred by Hutus last week in Burundi. Rwandan and Burundi officials are threatening to send soldiers into the Congo to capture the rebels responsible for the attack.

Voting Machines Raise Tampering Fears

Many voters in the U.S. will be voting on computerized ballots. A percentage of these ballots will not have a paper trail.

Arizonans Plan Early Voting

Why are so many voters in Arizona planning to vote early?

From Our Inbox

We hear from listeners,and read some of the letters we received.

Olympic Track and Field

Track and field events begin. Some hope these events will draw the crowds missing from much of the competition.

Dancing Tourette's

A dance company in Boston takes on Tourette's syndrome.

This program aired on August 19, 2004.


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