Show rundown for 9/2/2004

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Last Day at the RNC

Did Zell Miller go over the top? Was Dick Cheney's criticism of John Kerry effective? We review last night's convention and look ahead to the last day.

Kerry Camp Responds

John Kerry's record got a thorough going over last night. We hear from the Kerry camp.

Hurricane Francis Nears Florida

Floridians brace for more high winds and rain as Frances nears.

The Great Communicator

Dick Wirthlin, who was a top strategist to Ronald Reagan, offers some pearls of wisdom to George Bush.

Neo Conservatives

Is there trouble among the neo-cons over the war in Iraq? We speak with writer Charles Krauthammer.

Swing States

What are the delegates from some key swing states preparing to do as they head home?

Security at the RNC

We meet a radio producer who managed to get underneath the speaker's platform at the RNC.

Dennis Miller as a Republican

The comedian is now a vocal Republican.

This program aired on September 2, 2004.


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