Show rundown for 9/8/2004

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Kerry in Cincinnati

John Kerry is in Cincinnati to address his changes for Iraq.

Bush in Florida

President Bush arrives in Florida to assess damage left by Hurricane Francis. Also, critics take aim at Bush's war record.

Bush's National Guard Record

While on the campaign trail, the issue of George Bush's military service record continues to dog the president. The Boston Globe Spotlight Team reports on new developments on Bush's National Guard duty.

Kids as Consumers

From toddlers to teens, advertisers have their eyes on kids as consumers. We speak to sociologist and author Juliet Schor about her new book "Born to Buy."

Assault Weapons Ban

The assault weapons ban is set to expire on September 13.

Brazilian Slaves

The Brazilian government estimates there are as many as 40,000 slaves in their country. We take a closer look.

Alice Waters

Renowned chef Alice Waters serves up a different approach to school lunch.

This program aired on September 8, 2004.


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