Show rundown for 10/13/2004

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Bush, Kerry Seek Boost From Final Debate

President Bush and Sen. John Kerry are likely to reach into their arsenals of statistics to bolster arguments about economic and domestic issues during the final presidential debate.

Election and Taxes

President Bush pledges full tax cuts, John Kerry pledges cuts for everyone but those making over 200,000.

Getting the Swing

Campaigns struggle to pull the swing vote in their direction.

Iowa and New Hampshire

The candidates now are focusing their attention on the swing states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

Saudi Women Banned from Vote

Saudi Arabia has announced women will not be allowed to vote or run for office in the country's first nationwide elections.

Veronica Jochum Plays Osvaldo Golijov

Peak into a rehearsal of pianist Veronica Jochum and composer Osvaldo Golijov.

This program aired on October 13, 2004.


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