Show rundown for 11/30/2004

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Medical Ethics and Punishment

The Red Cross found that abuses at Guantanamo include medical ethics violations. At the same time the governor of Kentucky, who is also a doctor, has approved a death sentenced scheduled to be carried out today. We look at the question of medical ethics and punishment.

Election Myths

We explore some election myths with Karen Tumulty of Time Magazine and Mark Jurkowitz of The Boston Globe.

What Stolen Election?

Mark Jurkowitz of the Boston Globe on why there hasn't been more attention paid by the media to the "stolen election" theory.

Ukraine Election Turmoil Enters the Newsroom

Journalists in the Ukraine refuse to continue to broadcast the government's official line.

Your Turn

We read letters from some of our listeners.

Musical Best Bets

Here & Now's pop critic Tim Riley joins us to talk about current CDs making his year's best of list.

This program aired on November 30, 2004.


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