Show rundown for 12/13/2004

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White House Scrambles for New Homeland Security Chief

As Bernard Kerik's nomination to be Secretary of Homeland Security goes down in flames, the White House is scrambling to find a replacement.

Puerto Rico's Contested Governor Race: Statehood a Key Issue

A month and a half after the election, 1.9 million paper ballots cast in Puerto Rico are spread out on tables in a warehouse in San Juan, as election workers there count the votes by hand. Meanwhile, the two major candidates head to court in Boston.

Human Trafficking: Modern Slavery

Police are increasingly uncovering human trafficking rings, where people, often from other countries, are forced into labor or sexual exploitation.

Listener Letters

We hear from our listeners in letters and voice mail.

Wrestling Through Girlhood

A new documentary focuses on the life of a young wrestler, who happens to be a girl.

This program aired on December 13, 2004.


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