Show rundown for 12/14/2004

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Googling Academia

Google has announced that they are partnering with major university libraries across the country to make the world greatest works available on line.

Work and Labor and China

We talk with an international workers rights advocate, about labor issues in China. We also explore the irony that many of the ubiquitous "Support Our Troops" bows are in fact manufactured in China.

U.S. Math Ability Lags

Bob Oakes talks with the Boston College author of a study that looks at math and science abilities of kids around the world.

Stress and Health

Health columnist Judy Foreman reviews the recent rash of studies into how stress can affect your health.

Up and Down: Archeology and Skyscrapers for Children

A children's book author has two new books out. One starts at street level and digs down to teach kids about archeology, the other builds up, to teach kids about skyscrapers.

This program aired on December 14, 2004.


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