Show rundown for 12/20/2004

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Attacks in Iraq Kill Over 60

Rebel attacks in Iraq have taken the lives of at least 64 people. We check in on the state of thing in Iraq.

Museum World Roundup

The Barnes Art Museum in Pennsylvania recently won the right to move its collection into downtown Philadelphia, against the wishes of its late benefactor. We talk about that and other news from the Museum world.

BTK Serial Killer

The BTK serial killer has resurfaced in Kansas after years of being underground. We'll have the latest.

Countdown for Seasonal Shopping

Only five shopping days remain. We check in on the state of retail, and other business news, with our new business commentator, Mark Mills.

Listener Letters

We hear from our listeners, letters and voicemail.

Jazz Gift Ideas

James Isaacs has gift picks for the jazz lover in your life.

This program aired on December 20, 2004.


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