Show rundown for 12/28/2004

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Aid Workers Worry that Disease Could Follow Tidal Wave

The death toll continues to rise after the tidal wave on the Indian Ocean. Aid groups worry that disease could follow in the wake, as displaced families begin to rebuild and recover.

Tsunami Early Warning Systems

Here and Now reports on tsunami early warning systems and talks to the director of the Pacific tsunami early warning system.

Review of Health Stories of 2004

We review the biggest health stories from 2004.

X-Rays at Airports

Judy Forman reports on the safety questions raised by new X-ray devices being used at airport security checkpoints.

Wisdom of Big Bird

We talk with the author of the book, "The Wisdom of Big Bird, and the Dark Genius of Oscar the Grouch," Carroll Spinney.

This program aired on December 28, 2004.


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