Show rundown for 3/31/2005

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Terri Schiavo Dies

The brain-damaged Florida woman died 13 days after a court halted her tube feeding.

Court Castigates Congress' Involement in Schiavo Case

The 11th Court of Appeals used some strong language in Wednesday's ruling against Terri Schiavo's parents, calling congressional involvement in the case "unconstitutional."

Abbas HQ Attacked

Militants attack the headquarters of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Commission Faults CIA on Iraq Intelligence

The presidential commission investigating intelligence failures in Iraq faults the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

Attorney in MGM vs. Grokster Case

We speak with an attorney representing a co-defendant in the MGM vs. Grokster downloading case.

Coach Pitino

Bill Littlefield looks at the career of basketball coach Rick Pitino. Coach Pitino is successful in the NCAA, even though he had a less-than-stellar record with the Boston Celtics.

Story of a Marriage

We talk with Laura Waterman, about her environmental activist husband Guy Waterman. He planned his suicide with her knowledge.

This program aired on March 31, 2005.


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