Show rundown for 4/7/2005

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Unrest in Saudi Arabia

Saudi officials say they have killed or captured 23 militants, including some on the country's most wanted list.

Doctrinal Differences

Mary Ann Hinsdale is an Associate Professor of Theology at Boston College and is also a nun. We speak to Sister Mary about the possibilities for change within the Catholic Church in regards to women's issues.

Connecticut Inches Closer to Civil Unions; Kansas Rejects Same-Sex Marriage

The State Senate passes civil unions for gays in Connecticut. Also, voters in Kansas passed a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage in their state.

Rivals Return to the Field

Only a Game host Bill Littlefield talks with New York Post sports columnist Mike Vaccaro and asked him what conclusions could be drawn from this week's three game series between the Red Sox and Yankees.

Performing Piaf

We speak to members of an Edith Piaf tribute band.

This program aired on April 7, 2005.


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