Show rundown for 4/20/2005

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Bolton Nomination Hits Snag

The nomination of John Bolton to be ambassador to the United Nations may be in serious trouble.

Scrambling for Acela Alternatives

Here and Now's Athena Desai reports on how rail commuters are coping with the suspension of Acela service out of Boston.

Brakes on High Speed Trains

Why high speed trains have failed to catch on here in the U.S.

Opus Dei and Pope Benedict XVI

A member of the traditionalist — and secretive — Opus Dei organization reacts to the election of Pope Benedict XVI.

Wal-Mart Family Seeks to Roll Back Estate Tax

The family that owns Wal-Mart spent millions to push for the rollback of the estate tax. We examine the Walton's influence on public policy.

Bears and Bulls

Mark Mills takes us through the ups and downs — lately mostly downs — of the stock market.

"Death of a Princess"

The docudrama about the execution of a Saudi princess for adultery, is rebroadcast 25 years after it first aired.

This program aired on April 20, 2005.


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