Show rundown for 5/20/2005

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Saddam Photos, Iraq Memo Spark Iraq Controversy

We first look at the new Saddam Hussein photo and then at the memo that surfaced in London saying that Bush planned his war in Iraq long before he originally said he did.

Cell Phones: More for Just Talking

We explore the state of the art of cell phone technology and some of the things you can watch on your phone.

Soldiers' Brain Injuries

The New England Journal of Medicine features a piece this week on traumatic brain injuries suffered by soldiers in Iraq. Hear an interview with Sgt. Jason Pepper about his loss of sight and his dream of becoming independent again one day.

Violent Words in Debate

Here and Now considers how Americans' use of violent words in debate, and change the shape of the conversation.

Rap Music

Where did rap music begin? Here and Now's Sean Cole asked that question to some musicians in South Africa.

This program aired on May 20, 2005.


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