Show rundown for 5/26/2005

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Bush Meets Abbas

The latest news from Washington, where President Bush is meets with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Arming Space - Part 2

Andrew Bacevich says space should remain beyond the limits of U.S. military power.

Stern Report on Death of Snelgrove

The Stern Report finds fault with the Boston Police department in the shooting death of a young Red Sox fan last year.

Indi 500

Only a Game's Bill Littlefield profiles a female race car driver who is a contender to win this weekend Indianapolis 500.

Charges against Pantano Dropped

All charges have been dropped against a U.S. Marine, Lieutenant Ilario Pantano, who faced the death penalty for killing two suspected insurgents in Iraq.

Foreign Babes in Beijing

An American woman travels to China, and ends up starring in a Chinese soap opera. Here and Now talks with Rachel DeWoskin, the author of "Foreign Babes in Beijing".

This program aired on May 26, 2005.


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