Show rundown for 6/22/2005

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Public Social Security?

Privacy advocates are up in arms with news today that the Social Security Administration has been handing over private information to the FBI, when the FBI has said it needed the information to chase down terrorists.

Direct Drug Advertising to Consumers

We hear from two perspectives on the direct-to-consumer drug advertising.

Sex Offenders

The man authorities call the "most active" sex offender in US history is in court today.

Foreign Chocolate

Our visit to the world of European chocolate or rather French and Belgian chocolate was produced by Alice Furlaud.

Sacred Harp

Listen with us to this piece of sacred harp singing, a form of music where people play the role of the instruments in forming the notes with their mouths.

Sad End to Solar Sailor

The Russian Space Agency is now reporting that Cosmos 1 crashed shortly after takeoff yesterday.

This program aired on June 22, 2005.


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