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Show rundown for 8/30/200522:34

This article is more than 16 years old.

Katrina Devastates Gulf Coast

Katrina kills dozens, leaves hundreds stranded and over a million without power.

A Closer Looks at John Roberts

Jonathan Turley from George Washington University School of Law deciphers the past rulings and writings of the Supreme Court nominee.

China Seeks to Quench Oil Thirst

We speak with New York Times reporter Keith Bradsher in Hong Kong about China's growing energy needs.

Streamlining FEMA

The Department of Homeland Security proposes changing the Federal Emergency Management Agency so it can respond better to terrorist threats as well as natural disasters.

Fringe Politics

Reporter Julia Currie on some of the more politically-pointed acts featured in this year's Fringe.

This program aired on August 30, 2005.