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State of the Union Preview

President Bush will be facing a tough crowd when he delivers his State of the Union Address tonight.

Political Snapshot

It is a key election year in Congress, and that makes the president's message tonight more important than ever to candidates campaigning around the country.

State of the Union Review

History often proves to be one of the harshest critics of the State of the Union Address. This week, USA Today looked back at last year's speech and reviewed ten key proposals.

Exxon's Profit Windfall

Exxon Mobil announced earnings of $36 billion last year.

Remembering Coretta Scott King

We look back on her role in the civil rights movement.

Painting Greenspan

We talk to painter Erin Crowe about why she has painted so many portraits of Alan Greenspan.

Oscar Time a Real Treat

A bakery in New York sells cookies with an Oscar theme.

Wilco's Jeff Tweedy

The alternative band's leader is Jeff Tweedy who is starting a solo tour tonight in Vancouver. He recently joined us from the studios of WBEZ in Chicago.

This program aired on January 31, 2006.