Show rundown for 3/8/2006

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Iran and Nukes

We have the latest on Iran's nuclear program, with the Bush administration rejecting compromise as the issue comes closer to a United Nations Security Council review. Guest: David Sanger of The New York Times

"The Baby Business"

A Harvard Economist crunches the numbers on the billion-dollar business surroundng infertility.

Anti-Semitism in France

We speak to a reporter from Le Monde about the latest developments in the case of a Jewish man who was kidnapped, beaten and eventually died. The man's father spoke to Le Monde today.

Bush on Trial

The controversy surrounding a New Jersey High School and its mock war crimes trial of President Bush.

Trading Races

In a new reality TV series, a white family and a black family switch races for six weeks.

This program aired on March 8, 2006.


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