Show rundown for 3/15/2006

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Spinning the War?

A campaign in Minnesota aims to tell voters to put the war in Iraq in a positive light. But a newspaper columnist says the campaign isn't grassroots at all.

Iraq Update

Washington Post Baghdad Bureau Chief Ellen Knickmeyer on Saddam's trial and more.

Medication Linked to Sleep Walking

Sleep specialists say a growing body of evidence suggests that the sleep aide medication ambien may be linked to some strange side effects.

Physician Assisted Suicide

Doctor Lonny Shavelson tells the story of his father's final hours.

Robert Towne

He wrote the screenplay to "Chinatown," and now he has directed, "Ask the Dust." We speak to Robert Towne about the new film and one of his favorite actors: The City of Los Angeles.

This program aired on March 15, 2006.


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