Show rundown for 6/27/2006

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Palestinian President Brokers Agreement

Here & Now has the details of a historic agreement between rival Palestinian militant groups Hamas and Fatah.

Revised WTC Memorial Criticized

Nearly five years after 9/11, plans for a breathtaking memorial at the site of the World Trade Center are mired in a battle of wills.

Conspiracy Theorists Peddle 9/11 Myths

Here & Now investigates rumors that 9/11 was actually a government conspiracy engineered to trigger the war in Iraq.


From loving children, to caretakers, to authors... Here & Now speaks with the authors of "It Shouldn't Have to be This Way: The Failure of Long Term Care."

Here & Now Hears from You

We read letters from some of our listeners eager to be heard.

Voters to Pick Scottish National Anthem

Later this month, Scotts will head to the polls to vote on five songs played by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, one of which will become Scotland's new national anthem.

This program aired on June 27, 2006.


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