Show rundown for 8/4/2006

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Pro-Hezbollah Shiites Rally in Baghdad

Tens of Thousands of Shiites gather in the streets of the Shiite-dominated Sadr City slum in Baghdad for a massive anti-American, anti-Israel rally.

Hezbollah Fundraising on U.S. Soil

Selling everything from cigarettes to baby formula, Hezbollah operatives are making millions on the black market and sending the cash back home... to an organization the U.S. considers "the A-team of terrorism."

Mel Mania

Under fire for anti-Semitic slurs and charges of drunk driving, everyone's talking about the pious Mel Gibson's fall from grace... including the best in late night TV.

One Hundred Years of Voice

The sounds of violin strings could be heard on the airwaves in the first ever radio broadcast transmitted from Marshfield, Massachusetts on Christmas Eve, 1906.

One Hundred Years of Cool

And, another anniversary... 100 years ago Willis H. Carrier got the patent for the air conditioner.

"The Brambles"

Eliza Minot joins us to discuss her new novel.

This program aired on August 4, 2006.


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