Show rundown for 9/19/200622:10

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Judge Says U.S., Canda Wrong in Rendition Case

Canadian judge blasts deportation of Canadian citizen to Syria. Guest: Jeff Sallot, reporter for the Toronto Globe and Mail

Bush Addresses United Nations

President Bush used his speech to press Iran to immediately begin negotiations on its nuclear program.

Towards a Better World Body

Critics charge the U.N. can do better. Historian Paul Kennedy of Yale joins us to talk about reforming the world body.

Spotlight on Hidden Costs

We look at the hidden costs on everything from hotel bills to car rentals.

Travel News

Among our topics are the new passport regulations for North America.

Author Edward P. Jones

We speak with the author of "All of Aunt Hagar's Children."

Coup in Thailand

Thai military launches a coup against the country's prime minister. Guest: John Bussey, Asia editor for The Wall Street Journal

This program aired on September 19, 2006.