Show rundown for 10/27/2006

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California Fire

A blaze, which authorities say is the result of arson, has blackened nearly 24,000 acres, almost 38 square miles, in the San Jacinto Mountains just west of Palm Springs. We'll have the latest.

Ballot Initiatives and Referenda

This election year is about more than the candidates.

Hungarian Revolution

We speak with Hungarian native Gabor Gurai, who was five years old when Soviet tanks entered his country.

World Series Update

The Cardinals captured a 3-1 lead over the Tigers in last night's game. Will they win the championship?


Your turn.

Kurt Cobain Tops Forbes List

Cobain takes the crown from the King himself.

Halsey Burgund's Booth

Getting strangers to open up would take some creativity.

This program aired on October 27, 2006.


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