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Pentagon Report Spotlights Mental Health Disorders

The Pentagon says that more than a third of active duty troops and military veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from mental health disorders. Kelly Kennedy, a reporter with the Army Times, briefs us on the report's details.

Global Warming and the Tropical Forest

Peter Shaw Ashton, former director of the Arnold Arboretum, and Stuart Davies, director of the Center for Tropical Forest Science talk about how changes over time, particularly from global warming, are affecting the bio-diversity of the world's tropical forest.

Philly Mayorial Election

Philadelphia holds a mayoral election this year in the midst of the city's highest homicide rate in its history and a major scandal in city hall. Tom Ferrick, a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer talks about why, despite murder and corruption, there appears to be little interest in the race.

Crying Foul

Justin Wolfers, a business professor at the the University of Pennsylvania, talks about his study of the National Basketball Association which found a subtle racial bias in the referring of games.

Edward Hopper's America

Painter Edward Hooper's evocative image captured American life from the Jazz Age through the years following WWII. Here & Now's Alex Ashlock toured a new, comprehensive exhibit of Hopper paintings at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts with curator Carol Troyen.

This program aired on May 4, 2007.


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