Show rundown for 5/17/2007

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Pentagon Report on Troop Deaths

Military investigations conclude that the soldiers killed in Iraq last year were not properly protected by their officers and that the mission was ill-planned. We speak with Robert Hodierne of the Army Times.

Soldiers and Child Custody

We speak with two soldiers who lost custody of their children after deployments to Iraq, followed by a conversation with Professor Victor Hanson of the New England School of Law, who explains how the law works when soldiers come home to broken marriages and custody problems.

White Lies in the Workplace

We speak to Professor David Shulman of Lafayette College in Pennsylvania about lying in the workplace. His book is called "From Hire to Liar: The Role of Deception in the Workplace."

For Your Ears Only

We look at how advertisers are using a new technology that sends sound to your ears only. We speak with Joe Pompei of Holosonics Inc.

Flock of Dodos

The age old debate on where humans came from is the topic of a film premiering on Showtime tonight. Philip Martin takes a look at "The Flock of Dodos: The Evolution and Intelligent Design Circus."

This program aired on May 17, 2007.


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