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Day One of CIA Extraordinary Rendition Trial

The first trial involving the CIA's extraordinary rendition program opens without the presence of any of the 26 U.S. defendants, who are accused of kidnapping an Egyptian terrorist suspect in Milan in 2003. Ian Fisher of The New York Times joins us.

New Heights: Skycrapers

New supertall skyscrapers are going up in the Middle East; they are also rising in East Asia. But high can they go? To find out, we speak to Carol Willis of the Skyscraper Museum in New York and Philip Nobel, who writes about the lust for height in

Murdoch to Buy Wall Street Journal?

New York Times Business columnist Joe Nocera says the Wall Street Journal is ripe for a buyout and it will be hard to match Rupert Murdoch's 5-billion-dollar takeover bid.

Bridging Anthropology and Engineering at MIT

Kathleen Allard, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology gives us a tour of a sixty foot long, Inca style rope bridge she and her fellow students at MIT built as part of a course that integrates anthropology and engineering.

Mrs. Goose Goes to Washington

Political satirist and a reporter for the Syracuse Standard, Hart Seely, attacks all members of the political sphere in his new book of updated nursery rhymes, Mrs. Goose Goes to Washington. We talk to him about writing the book, and his poems lampooning the top tier presidential candidates.

This program aired on June 8, 2007.


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