Show rundown for 7/17/2007

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Report: Al Qaeda Likley to Hit U.S.

A new reports says Al Qaeda is likely to launch a new attack on U.S. soil. Tim Starks of Congressional Quarterly discusses the National Security Estimate as well as the threats America faces.

Nation: U.S. Troops Brutalized Iraqis

The Nation release a report which details a pattern of brutal treatment of Iraqi civilians by s U.S. soldiers, including killings the article claims that have been left uninvestigated.

China Food Safety

We speak with New York Times reporter David Barboza, who is based in China, about the safety of food and other products imported from that country.

Bad Meat

China may not be the only country encountering problems with food quality. Attorney William Marler says that although the meat industry has made recent improvements in quality control, he is still seeing more food poisoning cases.

Ron Carter's Letter to Miles

Nearly 40 years after leaving what jazz fans call "Miles Davis' Second Great Quintet," or "2GQ," jazz bassist Ron Carter has recorded an homage to his friend and former bandleader.

This program aired on July 17, 2007.


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