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Show rundown for 7/18/2007

This article is more than 15 years old.

Iraq Vote Blocked in Senate

The plan to withdraw American troops from Iraq has been killed after Senate Democrats failed to break a Republican fillibuster. Join us from the Capitol is John Bresnahan, capitol bureau chief of Politico.

Shameful Chapter of American History

In the Pacific Northwest in the late 1800's thousands of Chinese were forced out of their homes, beaten and killed in what has been called an "ethnic cleansing." We look back at this period of history with Jean Pfaelzer, author of "Driven Out: The Forgotten War Against Chinese Americans."

Catholic Church No Longer in Crisis?

Is the Roman Catholic Church moving out of crisis mode on clergy sex abuse, now that the diocese of Los Angeles has settled with victims for a record $660 million? We speak with Georgetown University's Father Thomas Reese, who is an expert on U.S. bishops.

FDA and Cigarettes

Should the FDA have authority to control tobacco products, including cigarettes? Dr. Michael Siegal of Boston University's School of Public Health, says FDA oversight could lead some people to think the cigarettes are now "more safe."

A Tribute to Joni and Ella

Here and Now's pop culture critic Renee Graham discusses two new tribute albums: "A Tribute to Joni Mitchell" and "We All Love Ella: Celebrating the First Lady of Song," as well as the women who inspired them.

This program aired on July 18, 2007.


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