Show rundown for 7/31/2007

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Hearings on Joint Chiefs Nominee

Admiral Michael Mullen, the president's nominee to become the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff faces a Senate hearing today. We speak with Demetri Sevastopoulo, Pentagon and intelligence correspondent for the Financial Times.

A Nuclear Renaissance?

David Whitford, editor-at-large for Fortune magazine, is just back from a nuclear power road trip across the nation, visiting plants and talking with operators, financiers, neighbors and environmentalists about the prospects of a possible nuclear power renaissance.

Trident Challenge

The Navy Seals recently came to Boston University to sponsor "The Trident Challenge." where civilians can attempt to pass Navy Seal entrance requirements. Is it a fun athletic challenge or a recruiting tool? Karen Given, of NPR's Only A Game brings us the story.

Murdoch Buys Journal

Rupert Murdoch has reportedly won his bid to buy the Wall Street Journal and its parent company Dow Jones. For more, we turn to Sasha Pffeiffer, business reporter for The Boston Globe.

"The View" Arab Style

Tonight PBS's Wide Angle series airs ""Dishing Democracy," a behind the scenes look at a weekly Arabic satellite TV shows featuring a diverse group of Muslim women. The ladies take on controversial subjects that are provoking new conversations about the modern Arab woman.

This program aired on July 31, 2007.


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