Show rundown for 8/7/2007

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Utah Mine Cave-In

Rescue teams are working around the clock to reach six miners trapped 1,500 feet following Monday's collapse of the Crandall Canyon Mine. We speak with Ben Winslow, reporter for Deseret News.

Army Corps and Katrina

Time magazine cover story argues that the Army Corps of Engineers is the real culprit behind the Katrina fiasco. The article cites years of bureaucratic bungling and misguided policies. We speak to Michael Grunwald who wrote the story.

Sarkozy's Vacation

During his NH vacation, French President Sarkozy had a dust-up with two photographers. We talk to one of those photographers and with Ken Walsh of "US News and World Report," on the vacation habits of heads of state.

Advertising and Food

Study shows children preferred taste of food in McDonald's wrapping to that in unmarked wrappers. Dr. Susan Linn, co-founder of the coalition Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, talks about the study and about the effects of advertising on children.

Robin Cook

The physician who writes mysteries fills us in on his latest thriller, "Crisis," which takes on concierge medicine.

This program aired on August 7, 2007.


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