Show rundown for 11/19/2007

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Middle East

Gideon Lichfield, Jerusalem Correspondent for The Economist magazine, talks abuot the upcoming Middle East summit.

Health Care

We speak with Dr. Abbie Leibowitz and Marty Rosen about their company, Health Advocate. Both are former insurance executives who helped form a company that is hired by an employer to work with its employees on issues relating to health care and insurance benefits.

The Reign in Spain

This week is the 32d anniversary of the King Juan Carlos' ascension to the Spanish throne. He has presided over a remarkable transition to democracy and an era of prosperity. Now, some in Spain want him out, even as some regions want out of the country. Our guest is Lisa Abend, Spain correspondent for Time Magazine.

The Return of Absinthe

Banned in the United States since 1912, the contentious alcoholic concoction Absinthe has now been granted federal approved for importation and sale.

The Perfect Pie

Here and Now's Rachel Gotbaum gets some help overcoming her fears about pie-making from Chris Kimball, host of the PBS program America's Test Kitchen.

This program aired on November 19, 2007.


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