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Olympic Torch Troubles

Seven hundred uniformed police officers are expected to protect the Olympic torch on its six mile journey through the streets of San Francisco this afternoon. Thousands of protestors are expected to voice their concerns about human rights in China ahead of the summer Olympic Games. We speak with Stephanie Kang, who is covering the story for The Wall Street Journal.

Pay Day Lenders

Another consequence of the current economic downturn and the subprime mortgage crisis is the growth of the payday lenders.

Andrew Bacevich on Iraq

As General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker continue their testimony in Washington today, there are also critics of the war appearing before Congress. One of them is Boston University professor Andrew Bacevich, a veteran of the war in Vietnam. Bacevich testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee today.


The battle for the Tarawa Atol was the first major U.S. offensive strike in the central Pacific during World War II. More than 6,000 Americans and Japanese were killed. Today, the battleground know as Red Beach, where the Marines landed, is a garbage dump and an 88-year-old veteran of the battle is trying to clean it up. We speak with Leon Cooper, author of "The War in the Pacific."

Stolen Childhoods

Today's kids live in a fast-paced, violence-filled, media-saturated world. We talk to doctor and Lesley University professor, Dr. Nancy Carlsson-Paige about her new book "Taking Back Childhood," in which she proposes step-by-step solutions to help kids thrive in a modern world.

This program aired on April 9, 2008.


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