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Presidential Politics

A day ahead of voting in Indiana and North Carolina, Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to spar over whether to suspend the gas tax for the summer.

The 1968 Indiana Primary

Indiana is a presidential battleground state for the first time in 40 years. In 1968, New York Senator Robert Kennedy entered the race in mid-March and made his stand in Indiana after President Johnson shocked the nation by saying he would not seek re-election. Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy was Kennedy's main rival, but Kennedy prevailed. We speak with Ray Boomhower, author of "Robert Kennedy and the 1968 Primary in Indiana."

Eight Belles

Eight Belles was second in Saturday's Kentucky Derby, but had to be euthanized shortly afterwards because of two broken ankles. We speak with Joe Drape of the New York Times.


The British band Portishead made a name for itself in the 1990's by spinning turntables and sampling music into a genre that came to be known as "trip hop." Now the band is out with its first release in nearly nine years and Here and Now music critic, Tim Riley, has our review.

Henry Winkler

Though he'll always be known as "The Fonz", Henry Winkler is also an executive producer, director, and children's book author.

This program aired on May 5, 2008.


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